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Monday, August 10, 2009

My Final Thoughts on Pay 2 Click Sites

After a long time of not posting anything here I decided to inform you of my thoughts on the pay2click process. Clicking and clicking day after day generated some cents for myself but for the time and effort I put into it, it was definitely not worth the time. So to all you eager pay 2 clickers out there I'm sorry to inform you that you may as well start looking for another alternative way to make money online.

One place that caught my eye and I'm giving a try is Maverick Money Makers. I've read some good reviews on the product and am willing to give it a try to see how well it goes. If any of you out there would like to check out what the program has to offer you can follow the link below

Maverick Money Makers

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Clicking Contintues........

Click, Click, Click, Click ..........

The one thing I've been noticing is that the money definitely doesn't add up that quick. So I haven't been able to see how well these sites actually pay out and the frequency of the problems or delays that might occur with those sites. You really need referrals to go anywhere with these sites for sure. So so far I'd say more of your time is gonna have to be promoting the PTC sites than actually clicking. If lets say the average referral would click 10 ads a day. That's (10 ads) x (30 sec) = 300 seconds or 5 Minutes of ad viewing a day. So if we had 10 clicking referrals clicking 10 ads a day that's 100 ads clicked which will equal out to around $1 a day. Essentially what would be ideal to make these systems even worth it is to either put money upfront to buy the referrals or just be damn good at Internet Marketing. And even at that don't expect too much cash. Now if ya did the same on all your PTC sites then you might be adding up some cash monthly. But so far I'm doubting that the time required to put in is even worth the outcome.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 4

Well it's day 4 now. And still clicking away. I figure 8 Click 2 Pay sites is a good number to work with. I might add a few more and make it an even 10 sites.

Anyhow I'd decided to list my "Balances" I have for all the listed sites as of right now.

So altogether $2.35 (not including the $10.00 signing bonus) I made in "clicks" in 4 days. So as you can see it's not all that much. But the key for this system to work is the referrals. So, sure I could make as much money as I want with this myself, but it'd take a while. With referrals it will speed up the process.

Most of the good sites pay $0.01 per click and as well $0.01 for any of your referral's clicks.
Most of the site's will average 10 ads per day available to click. (Keep in mind it takes 30 seconds per ad to get the credit so you must wait it out a bit on each ad. )

You click 50 Ads/day = $0.50
You get 10 referrals that each click 50 Ads/day = $5.00

  • $5.50 a Day
  • $38.50 a Week
  • $154 a Month
  • $1848 a Year
So as you can see there is cash potential though it mainly depends on how well your referrals are clicking.

Keep in mind that once you start to make some money you can actually purchase referrals from the sites. That means that people that signed up to the site without going through a referral link are un-referred members. The sites will charge to sell the un-referred member.

The more referrals ya have the more money you will make.

Unfortunately I don't have any referrals as of yet. Mainly due to the fact this blog hasn't been up for too long and I may have to do some tweaking for traffic.

So if you haven't already sign up to the links I posted above and start getting the word out.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 2

Another day.... I found some more PTC sites to sign up and view their ads.



I viewed all their ads along with the previous sites I signed up for yesterday. In total I have signed up for 8 sites.

Now one thing about these PTC sites is that the good payouts are from your referrals. So that's another reason for this blog. I took some time today to optimize this blog to hope for more traffic. I followed various sites recommendations on how to maximize traffic to blogs.

Here are a few sites that you might find of interest if you want to gain traffic to your site.

10 Tips for More Blog Traffic

40 Excellent Ways to Get Traffic to Blog For Free

After following the tips in the previous links I decided to call it a day.....

I'll be updating the links on the right with all my current pay2click sites I'm subscribed with.

Day 1

Ok, so now that I've decided to give this a go it's time to put things into action.

First off, all of the sites I've come across payout to a PayPal or AlertPay account. I already have a PayPal account so I signed up for a free AlertPay account.

You can sign up for a free PayPal account here :
You can sign up for a free AlertPay account here:

Now that I have a means of receiving money from these sites it's time to sign up to a few of these sites. To start things out I signed up to 5 sites for free. Oh and by the way you might want to create a new email address just for the purpose of this so you're personal emails are separate from any possible junk mail that could possibly generated from signing up to these. Always a good idea to have more than email account for different purposes (ie. work, personal, business... etc).





All these sites didn't take too long to sign up for (few minutes for each). After registering I was ready to start viewing their ads to start making some cash. Each site limits the amount of ads available to view. 10-15 ads per site were available to view. I had to view each ad for 30 seconds each to get credit. I viewed all available ads on those 5 sites for today.

It seems the way this all works is how advertisers pay those sites to have their ads on their site. And the sites pay you to view the ads. The more views the ads get, the more money the sites can charge for the ad space. So the concept makes sense.

Tomorrow I'll be signing up to some more sites and viewing all my available ads for them all. Stay tuned for more to come.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do "Pay 2 Click" Sites Work?

I've always been looking for a good way to make money online without having to invest in risky business ideas. There are tons of sites out there that promise excellent revenue and great wealth by using there "Proven to Work" techniques and tools. Only catch is that after they get you all hyped up with the "positive talk" they want you to purchase their knowledge.

I actually signed up and paid for one program (can't remember what it was) only to find out that they expected me to pay for advertising to really get anything going with it. Doing more research on the site lead me to realize that it was more less a scam. The only way those sites really make any money is how they "lure" readers into spending their hard-earned money on their "Just do what I do" techniques. And there all over the net, tons of those kinda sites. Maybe they do work for some people but I don't have all cash in the world to try em all out. And most people that are looking to make a few extra bucks online usually don't either.

I came across the "Pay2Click" type sites that offer to pay members to simply click on ads and view them for 30 seconds to get paid. Since it's free to sign up to those sites and all I have to loose is time, I decided to give it a go.

I'm going to post my progress and what I did on a regular basis to give the world an honest non-biased view on what Pay2Click is all about. As soon as I start getting payouts, I'll post screenshots to show. Maybe I'll be seeing substantial income increase, maybe not. Only time will tell. So onto the adventure into the world of Pay 2 Click !!!